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A travel to the medieval era sets the tone for the autumn/winter 2013 collection. It is the image of the horse; it’s physical strength and detailed armoury, which has inspired the designers to create a collection contrasting the dark with the romantic and feminine. Power and beauty are therefore the essential themes this season. Driving the collection is the idea of the horse’s strength and power being transferred to and embodied by the woman wearing the creations. “Four things greater than all things are: Women and Horses & Power and War.”- Rudyard Kipling. The designs embrace bold cuts, clean lines and strong materials. To create a daring, yet feminine look, AADNEVIK uses materials like Toscana shearling, exotic leather, zips and studs, complemented by silk and velvet. With period lace, he upholds the intricate detailing of embossed armour, and adds strength with leather. The creations exude sensuality, reveal flesh and expose exquisite bead and jewel detailing. Throughout the collection is a constant mix of rough and soft materials, which make the designs desirable to powerful women. Colour combinations add another contrasting dimension. The vibrant blue of the horse print chiffon compliments the floating material, and livens its appearance. In the same way, the nude and pale fabrics soften the typical dark tones of navy blue and black. The Autumn/Winter looks are particularly reflective of the AADNEVIK brand and the designer’s admiration for independent women: “We like women to be ambitious, driven and strong. This collection crusades the seductive heroines of the Middle Ages.” Through inspiration from the medieval times, Aadnevik has created a collection of present-day armouring for the strong, modern woman