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This season is inspired by the intrinsic architecture of Georgia, a Eurasian country with an electric character and a synthesis of culture. This wondrous place beholds a treasure behind many of its unassuming walls. Tbilisi Academy Of Arts is one such striking place, situated within this nation, whose interiors are an artistic repertoire of Baroque, Classical and Persian revival. These lavish designs combine intricate motifs, stained glass and mosaics, and together become a three-dimensional canvas of a restored past. The scene is set with geometric-shaped adornments that lay, like soft lace, upon rustic murals. Old-romantic shades of powder pink enriched teal and smoky blue-violet, sit against deep reds and bold blacks. Like the motion of a kaleidoscope, hard metals are intertwined into softer images, until they co-exist as one mirrored impression. These motives are embodied through the amalgamation of delicate printed silk chiffon and ornate lace, paired with heavy velvets, strong leathers and metal protruding studs. These textural themes are a reoccurring aesthetic throughout the seasons, alongside the signature leather fastenings, which represent the label’s gothic tendencies. The collection takes you through a door into a magical discovery of abstract colour and shape. The legacy of the past becomes a source of life and inspiration. What we live with today, past generations have left behind, and through this history we are instantaneously taken into their imagination.