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A stroll through the Apsley House of Hyde Park Corner was where this season’s inspiration stemmed from, focusing on the historical background and triumph of political figure and leading military war hero the Duke of Wellington. His liberation of Europe from Napoleon was both heroic and selfless, and the infamous battleground and the uniforms of the men and their steeds play upon AADNEVIK’s consistent theme of light versus dark and highlight the triumph of the Waterloo victory in 1815. “ The Apsley House took us back to a time of noble British achievements and we were captivated by the stories behind The Duke of Wellington’s heroic life. From studying the collection of paintings on the walls to the details of the intricate gilded interior - this world inspired us to create a collection based on the victorious majestic regimentals against the sacred tones of romanticism, nature and loss. “ Golds, reds, dust pinks, greens and royal blue hues signify the intricate detailing of the uniforms. From the red waist jackets and structured stovepipe shakos, to the majestic saddles of the horses; all of the aspects of the appearance of his army have been composed into the selection of delicate silks, regal rope and tassel detailing, rich velvets and furs, to create a collection of the story of the heroes riding into battle. The divine and Victorian femininity is showcased in the designs with the use of soft dusty pinks, delicate green and flower embroidery, while the gold hand ornamentation and lace is designed from the adorned interior of the Apsley House. Again, contrasting from the darker hues, the light, soft feminine laces and silk chiffon contribute to the epic history of The Duke and his time.