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“ Behind the perished iron gate the moonlit wilderness lays bare. Wings of prey watch the haunting sounds of night as the winter garden mirrors the infinite vault of stars. The naked trees stand tall waiting for spring to return. ” The Autumn / Winter collection is inspired by the raw and wild nature of a mystical winter gardens tale. The savage birds roam the cold landscape of sleeping bloom while Snow bunting chant through the dawn. Delicate feathers paint the exposed landscape. “ This collection forms part of a journey, where the soft colours and life of summer falls and a soulful darkness uncover a more raw wild beauty. We observed the animals and birds in their natural habitat through the cold season of frost, snow, rain and howling wind and discovered a romantic nostalgic fascination. Owls and hawks became prints and embellishments while stars covers raven lace “ Natural elements with leather craftsmanship and couture feather adornments are set against exotic furs, french lace, embroidered birds and floaty chiffon. Midnight blue and green, soft nudes and metallic shimmer through the gloomy shades of black and grey.