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“ no one may build their happiness on another’s pain ” Designers Hila and Kristian Aadnevik would like to present their new collection inspired by the novel Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. Set in imperial Russian society against the backdrop of liberal reforms initiated by Emperor Alexander ll, we follow Anna’s path of extramarital passion and death in the Babylon of the urban beau monde. “ This collection is about love, desire, faith, family, betrayal and passion; it is about the tension between the loveliness of the country and the excitement but vapidity of the urban life. It is a romantic tragedy allowing the true emotions to light.” Exquisite French lace, beaded patterns and hand embroidered snow flakes derive from the tsarist high society of St. Petersburg and Moscow, while natural element of leather, sheepskin and soft silks are alive and breathing the air of the wonderful country side. Sparkly dresses reflect the beauty of the fields and forests where everything alive matters. Shades of light and dark are contrasted against each other to emphasis how the extreme emotions of love and desire, and sorrow and pain can be one and the same. Gowns are layered in transparent tulle and lace as a metaphor of the many levels of our mental state; covering and revealing.