“ Skoll is the name of the wolf, who follows the shining priest, into the desolated forest, and the other is Hati, the son of Hróðvitni, who cases the bright bride of the sky “ For the Autumn / Winter 2022 collection, designers Hila and Kristian Aadnevik find their inspiration in the mythical and mysterious wolf moon and Norse mythology. After the longest winter of mankind, the two wolves who have hunted the sun and the moon through the skies since the beginning of time, will at last catch their prey; the stars will disappear leaving nothing but a black void in the heavens. Yggdrasil, the great tree that holds cosmos together will tremble, and the trees and the mountains will fall to the ground. The mighty serpent who dwells at the ocean will poison the land and water. From this; a new world, green, fertile and beautiful will arise out of the waters and a new sun will rise in the shy. “The muse for this collection is the nocturnal goddess of the forest, hunting for her prey in darkness. She howls into the night sky with the most haunting sound of nature calling her pack for the rebirth of the luscious new world; from the twilight of the Gods arise hope, love and beauty “ Jet black velvet takes us to the endless void of the solar eclipse as glowing crystals reminiscence the endless stars in the night. Layers of forest green silk organza and delicate ostrich feathers echo the wilderness whilst midnight blue chiffon and jersey softly drape the evening sky. Romantic guipure lace and hand-crafted flowers tell stories of the enchanted land, against snow white airy tulle and Chantilly patterns. Sculpted corsets, braided leather and bows remind us that we are tied to the fate of our earth while lustrous adornments and hand beading mirror the moon.