“With the rivers of your tears you made the barren desert bloom; and with your sighs from deep within, you made your labours bear their fruits a hundredfold; and you became a star, illuminating the world by your miracles for the salvation of our souls” Apolytikion. For the Autumn / Winter 2023 collection, the Designers Hila and Kristian Aadnevik, found inspiration in the Byzantine artists who sought to paint the soul and show eternal truths. “They provided an encapsulation of the universe around them, and the spiritual cosmos was presented in order and harmony. “ “The Icon is the muse of this collection; she is the window to heaven, allowing us to communicate between the earthly and divine realms. The monasteries and churches were the art galleries of the time, and we wanted to re-create that visual splendour and richness as one would enter the church in Constantinople more than a thousand years ago, as if we knew not whether we were in heaven or earth, only that God dwells there among mortals. Lavish gowns and dresses metaphorically shield on the path to the great unknown by virtue. “ Shimmering gold tulle and sculptured corsets in metallic leather symbolize the eternal world of God, the Divine Light and the Revelation - thus, illuminates the universe with divine lustre. As in The Ladder of Devine Ascent, black shades of velvet, lace and beading represent the temptation and the wilderness. On one side are demons and the other angels, reminding us to stay on the right passage to the Kingdom of Heaven. Byzantine icons, like the creations, represented multiple layers of meaning, deliberate contradictions, and paradoxes; sin and forgiveness, heaven and hell, power and freedom. Dresses are adorned with rich embellishments contrasted against layers of airy tulle, while draped crystal dresses reflect the eternal light of life.