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“ The lake of tears is filled with sadness and longing; only true love can break the spell of enslavement and free the most beautiful and pure “ Designers Hila and Kristian Aadnevik would like to present their new collection that is inspired by the classic story of Odette and Odile where white and black are contrasted against each other. It is about good and evil, romance and tragedy, but more than anything; undying love. “ For us it is about our muse who can be both strong, seductive and free; but also fragile, soft and loving. As Tchaikovsky’s ballet; she is the one and same heroine. “ The Black and the White Swan are epitomized through the use of light feathers and delicately hand embroidered swan appliques on the dresses. Halves of pearls in black and white mirror the yin and yang of the collection; where both the light and the dark attract contradictory and exist inseparable. Silver metal enclose the pearls as to illustrate the confinement of the lake of tears. The delicate French lace is adorned with black and red hearts, beads, crystals, stars, feathers and flowers, while ethereal tulle gowns sparkle like the stars reflected in the water and light chiffon with swan prints float in the air. Every garment is finished with the AADNEVIK signature of leather craftsmanship.