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“Who in the world am I” Hila and Kristian Aadnevik would like to present their new collection inspired by the classic story of Alice in Wonderland. Alice’s quest to understand the puzzle of Wonderland becomes her journey to understand the forces and feelings that compromise her identity. It’s a world of mystery, innocence, sadness, and bewilderment. “ This collection is about holding onto the feeling of childlike innocence. Our lives on earth are the closest we can get to Paradise and the garden symbolizes the Garden of Eden; an idyllic space of beauty and virtue. Our heroines desire to attain this beauty is always challenged by the mad world of adolescence and growing up ”. Vibrant colors of the Garden flourish alongside white and black shades, opposing the innocence of childhood against the mysterious world ahead. Inspired by the book, the Aadnevik name is embroidered along with hearts and stars and framed with their signature leather craftsmanship into every waistline and used as delicate details layering the dresses. Intricate French lace epitomizes the wild wonderland with animals, flowers, and ornaments, while fine pleated tulle creates heavenly layers and transparencies. Gowns are adorned with handcrafted bugs and paths of shimmering beads as metallic materials reflect the dream of loss, hope, love, and madness.