“ In medieval myth and legend unicorns were the fiercest and the swiftest of creatures. They could only be captured by a virgin who would sit in the woods patiently waiting for one to approach and tamely lay its head in her lap in surrender. “ For the journey of the new Spring / Summer 2024 collection, the designers Hila and Kristian Aadnevik, started with the lost and rediscovered historical tapestry: “The Lady and The Unicorn “. The original meaning and purpose have been lost over time, but it’s mystery, beauty and symbolism captured our imagination and creativity as inspiration for the collection. The scenes depict a medieval realm where myth and folklore interact with both the natural world and the human world, mixed with spirituality and morality. Her garden recalls Eden, filled with signs of ripeness, fecundity, and controlled animal desires. “The muse of this collection is the enigmatic Unicorn holding the key to the sixth sense; referring to the heart, mind and soul of our heroine searching for love and understanding. This rear and elusive magical creature has grown into the very embodiment of purity, elegance, innocence, and beauty. Her Heart is a vast sea of grace, a measureless ocean of perfection, an immense furnace of love. “ The mille-fleurs are represented in the collection by corsets embellished with Flowers, while thousands of layered crystals epitomize Stars as beacons of hope symbolising divine guidance and protection. French Lace is woven with delicate patterns of stars shimmering light into the night garden. Gowns covered in Embroidered Hearts with pleated airy tulle is the symbol of love connecting us to the soul and inner emotions. The flowy magical tulle cape is the ghost of the unicorn guiding us to the loving home of souls reminding us there is no true love without sacrifice.